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A Little About the History of Henderson, Nevada:

Henderson, Nevada came into existence because of the Basic Magnesium Plant in the early 1940s, to supply the government with magnesium to help fight World War II. After the war, Henderson faced a crisis, since magnesium was no longer necessary, and was almost sold off in 1947 as war surplus property.

That issue got resolved by the state legislature, and eventually the city incorporated in the spring of 1953. At the time, the population was 7410. It was named after US Sen. Charles Henderson, who was a lieutenant in the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American war, and served as a senator from 1918 to 1921. 

The way some people first learned of the existence of Henderson was through the Pepcon explosion , in May of 1988, which registered 3.5 on the Richter scale. During our first few years in real estate, which started in Nevada in 1989, sellers had to fill out Pepcon disclosures, detailing any damage to the property and details about insurance claims.

With the boom in Nevada population, Pepcon was soon forgotten about, and Henderson continued to grow to become the second largest city in the state in Nevada, with an estimated population of 265,679 in 2012, according to the United States Census Bureau. In 2011, Forbes magazine ranked Henderson the second safest city in America . In 2011,also, Bloomberg BusinessWeek named Henderson ."One of the Best Cities to Live in America" 


The Demographics of Henderson Nevada:

As you can surmise from the articles above, Henderson is a fairly affluent city, with good schools and a low crime rate. For more information on the demographics click here .

The Weather in Henderson, Nevada:

We always hear about how hot it is here in Nevada, and the temperature during the summer is definitely high. But the humidity is so low that if it's 85 or 90° back East, it is more uncomfortable than when it's 105° here. One of the differences is that back East you might get a rainy, overcast couple of days in the summer, and here basically you could have a recording instead of a weatherman during the summer. It might thunderstorm or threaten to thunderstorm a few days in July and August, but most of the time you don't see a cloud in the sky. We get some windy days in the late winter and early spring, and some people don't realize that it does hit freezing several nights in the winter. If you're coming here one time and wanted great weather, October might be your best bet. For more statistics on the weather click here, provided by weather,com  

Points of Interest in Henderson, Nevada:

Among the points of interest in Henderson, Nevada are Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino , The District at Green Valley RanchThe Galleria Shopping Mall , Sunset Station Hotel and Casino , The Henderson Multigenerational Center , Lake Las Vegas , The M Resort , There are about  a dozen public golf courses  in Henderson, and several other private courses. and a lot of parks and trails . In short, Henderson is a great place to live, with something for everyonsearch by zip code in Henderson


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