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Why should I use a realtor to help me buy a new home?

I guess a better question would be why wouldn’t you use a realtor? You’re spending upwards of a quarter million dollars on this investment. If you were making a stock market investment  or another financial investment of that type, most people would consult a financial planner.  If you had a legal issue of that magnitude, virtually everyone would contact an attorney. The difference is that you don’t pay anything for help and advice, it is paid by the builder.

We find that there are two or three reasons that people don’t use realtors on new homes. The first is that they don’t want to be tied in to a schedule. They have an hour or two, and so they just want to go and see a few new homes on their time schedule. A second reason is that sometimes they just driving past some model homes, and just on a whim, stop in. Most builders have signs before you actually walk in, saying that your realtor has to accompany you on your first visit to the tract, and that is certainly the better way, but, once in a while, because of relationships we have built over more than 25 years of selling real estate in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, we can still represent you for free after your initial visit. Another reason is that some buyers think that the builder will reduce the price if the buyer does not use a realtor. By and large, that is not the case. In most cases, it is even more profit in the builder’ s pocket, or perhaps a bonus to the tract agent

Remember the tract agent is representing the builder, not you

Let’s say that the tract has a particular lot that backs onto a busy street, or electrical wires or something of the sort. The builders agent may tell you what a great thing it is not to have neighbors behind you, whereas the realtor might point out to you that this might be a potential resale disaster. Same thing with vacant land behind you. Through research, we might be able to find out that the two-story homes that will be being built behind you will destroy your views of the mountains or the city lights.

The builder’s agent might be pushing you to use the builders mortgage company.  Often, that is a good option, but let’s just say they are charging a mortgage rate of half a percent higher than our lenders could have given to you. Even if they are giving you a point or so toward your closing costs, it probably makes sense to know what your other options are.

Sometimes, the builders want to do walk-throughs after framing, or at some other time during the process. If you are out of town, we can be your eyes, and if you are in town, we can be there for a second set of eyes. The same thing is true at the final walk-through. There are several times that we have gone to list homes where the buyers bought them from the builder without representation, and there were mistakes that the builder had made, for example, the hot and cold faucets in the shower being reversed, that the buyer accepted because they didn’t know any better, and it became an issue when putting the house on the market.

The builder makes a lot of their profit on the upgrades. We can help you decide which upgrades are important to do from the builder, and which upgrades you might save some money on or have more choices doing it after you close.

Also, we have developed relationships through the years, and often we can find out from builders about upcoming new tracts, where we may be able to get you in on phase 1 pricing.

Finally, and thank God this does not happen very often, if there is an issue, our company has an attorney on staff that can often call or write to the builder to defuse a bad situation.

In short, there is virtually no reason to not use a Realtor when shopping for a new home. We would proud to be the Realtor, and have more than 25 years of experience doing good jobs for buyers. Give Emily a call today at 702-596-1171 to get started on your search.


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