We gave a lot of information as to how to possibly pick a Realtor on the tab that says Buyers. Feel free to read that, as most of it applies to potential sellers also.

But there is a lot more to discuss when it comes to sellers picking a real estate agent.

How is the agent going to market your property? In this day, it is Internet, Internet, Internet.  Statistics from the National Association of Realtors from a few years ago said that 90% of the buyers surveyed said that they used the Internet during the course of looking for a home. 25% said they looked in the newspaper, and 18% said they looked at a real estate magazine. Based upon those numbers, it should be clear that Internet presence is the key, and one can correlate that the easier it is to find your home on the Internet, the likelihood of selling your house and of getting a better price increases proportionately. When you list your house with a Realtor who belongs to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, you automatically going to be listed on their website, you will also be picked up by the national website,, and eventually by Zillow, Trulia and one or two others. We add tons of sites to these.  Among them are our two websites, and and also the Prudential Americana group website. We also advertise your house on the following websites among others






HG TV front

Wholesale Realty





There are several others, and this list is growing all the time, but with all of the places that your home is exposed to you can see that the chances of you getting a better offer in a timely manner is greatly enhanced.  I saw a number today on a website called It said that the average real estate agent in the Las Vegas area makes about $37,000 a year. Between our web presence, our Internet marketing, our mailings and other advertising, we spend about twice that year… We spend on advertising about twice as much as the typical agent makes.

Another question you should consider:

Does the agent have a working knowledge of what's going on in the real estate community? Sean and Emily, and Denise are out there every week taking buyers into houses and previewing houses. By doing this, chances are we can hone in on how your home compares to those that you are in competition with. The 60% of the agents who are part-time can't bring that to the table….. There's another group of agents that are definitely full-time who can't bring that to the table either. In the last decade or so, the teams concept has taken hold, in my opinion, to the detriment of the real estate clients. Here's how it may affect the seller…. A team leader may have 5 or 10 or 40 agents working for them. Many of the team leaders virtually never go out to show buyers, they let their underlings do it. So, they are not seeing property on a continuous basis, and may adjust comparing your house using the same information that you can get off the Internet, without having firsthand knowledge of how to make adjustments on your property. Some of them even send their agents out to meet with you about listing the property. 

In closing, if you are considering listing your home, we would like to be considered for the position. Please give Emily a call at 702-596-1171 or send us an e-mail at



Buyers contact us for more information on any of these properties or any other property in the Las Vegas area. We have represented as Henderson buyers agents, Las Vegas buyers agents and North Las Vegas buyers agents literally more than 1000 buyers over the years. So, if you need a buyers agent in Henderson, or a buyers agent in Las Vegas, please give us a call.

Sellers if you are thinking of selling, contact us for an in depth market analysis and an evaluation of your property and situation. We have represented many many homeowners as listing agents in Henderson, listing agents in Las Vegas and listing agents in North Las Vegas over the years. In 2013 alone, we represented 76 sellers. So if you’re looking for a listing agent in Henderson, or a listing agent in Las Vegas, please give us a call. We have been Henderson Real Estate agents and Las Vegas Real Estate agents for 25 years.

Relocating?  In our 25 years as Las Vegas Realtors and Henderson Realtors, we have developed working relationships with agents in many, many areas throughout the country. If you are moving out of the area, or if you need to sell your home to move to the area, contact us , and we will probably have a good agent to refer you to.

In 2014, Prudential Americana Group Realtors was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, and our name changed to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Nevada Properties